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Timelines, Profiles, Notes, and Doughnuts
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4th-Aug-2011 10:55 pm - Wily Wars Timeline 2094 (2009 IRL)
July 31 - (OOC setup posts for the Star Wars crossover, on the bweepingtrouble journal, and on Spider and Dynamo's journals.)

July 31 - (OOC/RP) First report from Spider and Dynamo.

July 31 - Second report from Spider and Dynamo.

July 31 - Third report from Spider and Dynamo.

July 31 - (OOC/RP) Fourth report from Spider and Dynamo.

November 10 - Waspinator is babysitting Tangee, and meets a Rattrap
4th-Aug-2011 09:29 pm - Predacon Timeline - 2009
October 8 - Waspinator encounters an Inferno in the Nexus. With some reluctance, he shows Inferno how to find where he and Terrorsaur have been staying.

October 26 - Waspinator spots a Dinobot Clone a bit too near the Nest for his liking

November 3 - Terrorsaur responds to a text message question that turns out to be from a Rattrap.

November 10 - Waspinator is babysitting Tangee, and meets a Rattrap

November 13 - Terrorsaur encounters a different Rattrap
2nd-Aug-2011 05:33 pm - Predacon Timeline - 2006
May 22 - A newly arrived Beast Wars Megatron attracts attention from Rampage, Terrorsaur, and Waspinator - and, unfortunately for him, Grimlock.

May 26 - Update from Rampage, amused by the predicament of the most recent Beast Wars Megatron to find the Nexus
31st-Jul-2011 01:57 pm - Predacon Timeline - 2005
(This includes posts involving Waspinator, Terrorsaur, and Scorponok (from the same AU), Rampage (from another one), and Rattrap (wasn't around long enough to be sure where he was from).

Yes, I know the Rat is a Maximal, but I had to stick him somewhere and I'm not making a separate timeline for the lousy two or three posts he was in.

A lot of earlier stuff trailed off into semi-meta goofing around, so this RP doesn't really have a definitive beginning. I also suspect I'm missing a lot of earlier links, and another chunk was lost to a retcon issue, so... this is what there is. Also, the Forte here is NOT WW!Forte, and what with the retcon issue and all I'm tempted to say he never met any of my charas at this late point. I've removed several of those RPs from this list, but they're still in Memories for Waspy and/or on the Wasp's journal. Just consider it semi-apocrypha.)

March 22 - Early and fourth-wall-bending journal posts from Rampage. I think these journals originally branched off old CellChats, but can't remember.

March 23 - Fourth, fifth, and sixth journal entries from Rampage

March 24 - another journal entry from Rampage, with an old joke about friends, followed by asking about Sunstorm

March 25 - Jedi memes from Rampage, followed by one on sanity

March 26 - Another meme on Rampage's journal

March 27 - Another meta-y post on Rampage's journal, this time it's the Star Wars 'Pants' list.

April 4 - another fourth-wall-breaking post from Rampage

April 6 - First entry in Waspinator's journal. I'm counting earlier entries like this one as Meta for just being weird.

April 6 - a post on Rampage's journal about Starscream

April 6 - second post from Waspy.

April 7 - Rampage posts a Cold Season Chicken Soup recipe; and then some backstory for those who keep confusing him with a G1 gestalt member.

April 8 - third post from Waspy.

April 9 - Another couple memes from Rampage

April 9 - another brief update from Waspy

April 10 - A post in Waspy's journal about a beach party that leads to Rampage traumatizing Starscream. The beach party itself is probably meta-y and based off a CellChat, but the rest had LJ RP events built off of it

April 11 - Journal update from Rampage after that incident with Starscream.

April 11 - Starscream after that same incident

April 19 - Another meme from Rampage

April 19 - Update from Waspinator, who has had a bad week

April 20 - Waspinator asks in the Nexus about bad luck. Some misunderstandings leave him a little confused

April 21 - Waspy is upset by some of the other answers to that question

April 21 - Yet another meme from Rampage

April 22 - Update from Waspinator after the incident with Cyclonus

April 23 - An update from Rampage after the incident with Cyclonus and Waspinator

April 25 - Rampage has noticed Waspinator is missing, and sends a few emails trying to find him.

April 26 - Rampage and Waspinator both meet Sunstorm

April 27 - Update to Rampage's journal, after meeting Sunstorm

April 29 - A Nexus question gets Rampage's attention

April 29 - another update from Waspinator

April 30 - Waspy answers emails, is upgraded to be able to teleport, and plays with target drones

May 1 - Update from Rampage after he gets involved with a rescue mission due to hearing things in the Nexus

May 1 - More on the mission

May 2 - A short update from a happy Waspinator

May 3 - More on the mission, and trying to keep kids busy and out of the fighting

May 3 - Depthcharge has a question about nightmares, prompting a response from Rampage

May 4 - Journal update from Rampage just before going to the mission briefing

May 4 - Another misc post on the mission

May 4 - More on the mission, followed by a briefing.

May 6 - Raze asks a question in the Nexus and invites himself along for the mission

May 6 - Raze drops Skitter off on Starscream so he can tag along. Lots of Time-Has-No-Meaning-Yay in this, stuck it here for best actual fit

May 6 - Another mission related post on a journal I don't think I checked at the time.

May 6 - Mission posts: Phoenix Base, Base Camp, Recovery Team, Distraction

May 7 - More mission posts, probably THNMY: Data Retrieval, Transport, OOC (dated 8th), Base Camp Alpha (dated 9th), White River Experimental Station (dated 9th), Scouting Rounds (dated 14th), Inside the Station (dated 22nd), OOC (dated 30th), OOC (dated July 15th), Back at White River (dated July 16)

May 7 - Starscream babysitting Skitter

May 8 - Waspinator asks how to cook rabbits, and just what are quail? This leads to Waspinator and a cooking lesson (slightly THNMY as it's dated the 10th but takes place right after the other post.

May 16 - a crazy Wily shows up in the Nexus, which makes no one very happy. (minor retcon in that Waspy should be willing to help just because Wily makes him think of the Maximal Council, since most of being friends with that Forte was scratched)

May 17 - Waspinator allows guests in his cave for a planned rescue party (which never got played out)

May 23 - Razorclaw hears some disturbing things from a new nexus arrival. Waspinator spots this one too.

May 24 - more Starscream babysitting Skitter

May 24 - Razorclaw calls a child abuse prevention hotline to report on the stuff he heard the day before.

May 27 - Yet more of Starscream babysitting Skitter. The second post is meant to be right after but is dated the 31st, so THNMY

June 1 - Update from Rampage post-mission

June 9 - A newly arrived Galvatron attracts lots of attention, and Waspinator asks Sunstorm a question

June 15 - another journal post from Rampage.

June 17 - a meme from Rampage

June 18 - A meme from Waspinator

June 20 - Waspinator has guests at his cave, and helps with removing a tracking device from Quint.

June 25 - Rattrap drops into the Nexus

June 26 - Raze gets his own journal.

June 26 - We don't know who ordered the roast pterodactyl with the side of fried scorpion, but the Terrorsaur and Scorponok from Waspinator's universe drop out of the lava and into the Nexus... (Contains some reference to Waspy being briefly turned into a reploid-type 'bot that needs overlooked as that was scratched)

June 26 - Rampage isn't happy to spot a BW Megatron in the Nexus (in the thread where Rattrap arrived)

June 26 - Post on Terrorsaur's journal that is basically just a link post to the June 26 arrival thread.

June 27 - Somewhat THNMY as this is right off the June 26 Sages post, Terrorsaur and Scorponok are put in CR

June 27 - Rattrap still thinks he's dreaming this

June 27 - Post on Scorponok's journal that is basically just a link post to the June 26 arrival thread.

June 29 - Scorponok and Terrorsaur are repaired (THNMY, as should have been just a few hours, and has more Reploid!Waspy stuff that needs ignored). Scorponok promptly goes to the Nexus to look for Megatron.

June 30 - Scorponok leads Megatron back to the cave (a little THNMY)

July 2 - Fight between Sunstorm and Starscream.

July 2 - the Free Pepper Campaign, OOC/Meta posts on journals from Rampage, Rattrap, Razorclaw, Scorponok, Terrorsaur, and Waspinator

July 7 - Megatron gets compared to Barney, and Rattrap sees a Dinobot

July 8 - The arrival of an Inferno draws the attention of both Scorponok and Rampage.

July 8 - Terrorsaur has some issues with his Transmetal form, and not just the asthetics. And Waspinator talks to another Terrorsaur. (Second post slightly THMNY, dated 11th. Ignore mentions of Forte, since that has to do with scratched events, or any mention of Reploid!Waspy)

July 9 - Brief journal post from Rattrap after seeing Dinobot

July 9 - Journal update from Scorponok

July 9 - Journal update from Terrorsaur, still not happy with his transmetal form and weirded out by running into an alt of himself

July 10 - Rattrap meets up with a Rhinox that may or may not be from the same timeline. And when Waspinator spots Blackarachnia there, he has an awkward question for her.

July 11 - An update from Rampage, complaining about the stupid ant showing up

July 11 - Brief post from Rattrap after meeting Rhinox

August 17 - A very strange person asking a question in the Nexus gets answered by Rampage (along with Raze and Skitter)

August 19 - Rampage understands the concept of calling dibs on killing someone

August 23 - Journal entry from Rampage

August 24 - a mention of manta rays in a question gets Rampage's attention

August 24 - Another update from Rampage

August 25 - Update from Rampage after watching Skitter's effect on someone

September 10 - Terrorsaur complains in the Nexus about being bored on Prehistoric Earth

September 12 - Terrorsaur is still bored

October 23 - A Chibi!Mega in the Nexus turns Starscream chibi

October 26 - Rampage 'babysits' Chibi!Starscream

October 27 - There's a Skybite in the Nexus. Rampage, Waspinator, and Terrorsaur all answer the question.

October 29 - An update from Rampage after meeting Skybite


May 19 - After a drinking binge, Nightstick and Fracas find themselves two years in the past. Scourge has them put in detention. (Fracas's post is obviously set earlier the same day, despite the post date)

May 22 - They're still locked up, and Fracas doesn't like it

May 22 - Nightstick and Fracas are questioned by Galvatron, and then released from detention.

June 15 - Nightstick complains a bit about the odd 'one-way' links caused by the time displacement

June 15 - Nightstick finds the Nexus, and brings up the whole mess...

June 16 - Nightstick complains more after visiting the Nexus and meeting Skywarp.

June 18 - Nightstick and Fracas visit Waspinator to help remove Quint's tracking device.

June 27 - Fracas is bored, and helps Dreadboots with a surprise for Scourge

July 2 - Nightstick's and Fracas' additions to the Free Pepper Campaign


June 6 - Nightstick spots a Daniel in the Nexus
31st-May-2008 09:39 pm - June 2093 (2008 IRL)
June 5
X, Zero, Rock, Roll, Gemini, and Bubble all attend a housewarming block party in the Nexus - in a somewhat eldrich neighborhood.

June 9
Blues answers a question about balancing work and romance.

June 10
(Plant responded to a question, but since the other mun never tagged anyone back it's only here as a note.)

June 11
Zero's been a bit distracted lately, and he's the last person to work out just why.

June 13
While out on a walk, Gate and Alia stop to talk to someone else in a labcoat.

June 15
Zero and Colonel both catch an animal LOL. Colonel then chases Zero up a tree.

Quint stops to answer a question from Aya.

And Spider shows signs of the family tendancy to meddle.

June 18
X has some questions about parenting.

And Blues continues to pop up if a question gets his attention.

June 19
Blues stops to talk about kids.

June 21
Gate answers text messages while working.

June 25
Gate's actually out of the house, accompanied by Sheldon, and stops to talk to Shader.

June 27
Top still won't behave.
31st-May-2008 09:38 pm - May 2093 (2008 IRL)
May 12
Marino answers a question from Broadcast.

May 13
Techno has some concerns about Zain and Gemeel.

May 14
Gate and Sheldon meet Bee, Waltz, and Honey.

Spider stops to answer a question, but the guy just rubs him the wrong way.

(Zero answers a question here, but there's no reply to.)

May 15

Huggy!Rock meets Colonel and Iris. Then Zero shows up. They all go to get some glow-in-the-dark ice cream.

May 18
Blues stops to answer a question about babysitting. He still can't get most of his siblings to agree to it.

May 20
X sees Sadako Yamamura again, and gets invited to a party.

May 28
Kalinka's views about her world's government haven't changed.

Metal Shark, Gate's youngest creation so far, really likes to run scans.

May 30
Blues is taking the twins for a walk, and stops to talk to Amy.

Techno and Middy talk to Aion , and have some Doritos.
April 1
Vile plays his own kind of April Fools Prank on the other Maverick Hunters. It involves explosives. Then he vanishes after faking his own destruction.

April 5
Morph Moth sees Katydid again, and is a bit frightened of Kickback.

April 6
A stray Mudkip in the nexus is unintentionally LOLing people into Pokemon. Plant, Runaways!Blues, and Runaways!Ice are among the affected.

Runaways!Ice can't get home in his current state, so Oil takes him home with him... which backfires when Ice panics.

Astro's little sister Zoran is repaired, and wanders into the Nexus. She meets Guts and Bomb there.

April 7
Runaways!Cut comes looking for Ice, and manages to irritate Zero. (Some time-fudging here, blame it on the Nexus. ;) ) Zero kidnaps him to force him to talk to Ice, and the situation only goes downhill from there.

April 8
Sigma visits the Nexus.

April 13th
Alt Mega (megadidit), Forte, and target practice... until they run into Techno and the whole thing ends in brainbreakage.

Yammark stops to talk to Jubee again, and makes arrangements to see her later at Zeeters - along with the rest of his rapidly growing family.

April 15
Zero talks to someone about parents.

Alia asks a question in the Nexus, meets Rhea, and gets in a confused argument with Cob!X.

April 16
Flea is activated.

Gate talks to Huggy!Rock, and shows him some pictures.

April 17
A busy day for Gate and associates. They drop by Zeeters and have lunch with Jubee, and then stop by to visit the Runways!verse Wilybots.

April 18
Marino risks going for a walk in the Nexus, only to have a question get her attention for unpleasant reasons.

April 19
When Yammark crashes at work, Gate's told it was an accident. He doesn't believe that and, combined with a warning from Cob!X, it's enough for him to insist on leaving his universe of origin for the Nexus - along with the rest of his creations, Alia, and Techno and Middy.

April 25
Iris and Colonel are assigned to watch the Nexus for possible threats.

And Gate talks to a ghost.

April 28
Sweeney Todd is back in the Nexus after an unplanned-for absence. Elec welcomes him back.

Gate meets a Beast.

And Zero talks to a Clark Kent about problems with heroes... revealing that he might still have a few issues with Rock/Mega.
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